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BerkmanTech is here to help new and existing customers transition to work from home. There are a few different ways to accomplish this. Let us find an option that works for you and your business. Here are the services that we can offer:


This is the simplest setup and easiest to deploy. Users are given a LogMeIn account to access their work computer from their home computer. We are currently offering LogMeIn for free from March 15 through May, 15 2020. This is for our existing business customers and also to new customers who sign up for managed services. This is best for just a few users or as a temporary solution.

Remote Desktop Gateway

Users will still log into their work computer from their home computer, but this is a more permanent option than LogMeIn. This option builds an infrastructure for your employees to always access their work computer from home without depending any third party services. It is simple for the end user to use with just a couple clicks to get connected and easier for the company to manage many employees in bulk.

Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 gives you the ability to host your files in the cloud and work, collaborate and communicate all in the same platform. Office 365 not only gives access to your files in the cloud but gives your company a platform to communicate using Microsoft Teams. With teams, you can Chat, voice call or video conference remotely from any platform including smart phones and tablets. Office 365 can be use on its own or in addition to some of the other services described here.

VPN (Virtual Private Network)

This technology allows remote computers or whole sites to connect to your office as if it were physically in the office. Employees can take a work laptop home and be able to work from home accessing internal company servers as if they were still sitting in the office.

Virtual Office

We can host a multi-user server for that can be logged into from anywhere. Your files and software can be hosted on the machine. Each employee gets a virtual desktop that can be logged into from anywhere. This option works best for companies that have multiple users that all have to access multi-user software. For example, accounting software like Sage or Quickbooks. This is also a great option for companies that have a disperse workforce where many people work from home daily.

VoIP Phone Systems

Move your phone system to the cloud and use it from anywhere. A cloud phone system has the flexibility to support users at home. Users have the option to take their desk phones home with them or use a smartphone app that acts as an extension on the company phone system. Incoming calls will ring on the app as they would in the office, and making calls from the app appear on caller id as if they were made from the office. We can also install doorbell/intercom systems so that you can communicate with visitors to your office even if nobody is there.
We offer cloud phone systems through our sister company BT Voice.

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