Managed Services Benefits

Not only does Managed Services give you peace of mind and predictable IT costs, it gives you a deeper look into the health of your system.  We are able to monitor the activity of your network and see everything from server malfunction to antivirus updates. Our system enables us to preemptively address future problems and fix them before they arise, keeping your business up and running.


>> Server and PC Monitoring 

Our system shows us the overall health of all machines being monitored, allowing us to respond to potential issues before they arise.


>> Monitoring of Non-PC hardware – Printers, Routers & Switches Router Monitoring

We can also monitor the health of other devices on the network besides workstations and servers. This gives us the ability to be proactive and avoid troubles on your devices. For example, we would receive notifications that a router is close to maxing out bandwidth on an interface so that we can take appropriate action to resolve the issue before it becomes critical. We can even have the system notifiy you when your printer’s toner level is getting low so you have time to order more before it runs out.


>> External Website and WAN/VPN Connection Monitoring

Our agents notify us immediately if a VPN tunnel goes down allowing us to react more quickly. Often we have already begun troubleshooting before you realize there is a problem!  We can use the same technology to monitor the status of your website. Normally when a website goes down, it can go unnoticed for a long period of time. When monitored, we will know immdiately when a website is not available and can take appropriate action.


>> Patch Management

Weekly automatic patching of all workstations. Monthly manual patching of servers. Why is patching important? Find Out Here!

server / workstation patching


>> Task Automation

Scheduled maintenance tasks ensure your machines perform at their highest potential. Scheduled tasks include, but are not limited to, disk maintenance, antivirus scanning, Windows update and other common software updating (Adobe, Java, Flash, etc). We can also automate custom tasks based on your needs.


>> Self Healing

Automatic script-based remediation based on detected failures. We create triggers that can mitigate or even resolve common or recurring issues automatically.


>> Remote Support

Remote access to all supported machines allowing us to provide more than 90% of our services remotely.


>> Antivirus

We can automatically deploy antivirus and schedule regular updates and scans.  Proper antivirus usage protects computers from damage from malicious software, and prevent the computer from being used to pass on infections to other machines without your knowledge.


>> Monthly DefragMonthly Defrag

Automatic disk defragmenting for increased performance. Fragmentation happens when your computer saves information in small bits across the hard drive that are not necessarily together or close to each other. When it recalls this data, it must search several places, taking up time and energy; it also causes slowdowns in program and operating system functions. Programs run faster and more efficiently when the data is grouped together for easier access. The mechanical parts of the drive have to travel less distance when the data is all in one place, thereby reducing wear and tear on the drive itself resulting in extended hard drive life.