Where does the term “Cloud” come from?

The term “cloud” has become synomous with the Internet. Most people think of the cloud as anything internet based.  Put simply, it is the offering of computing as a utility, just like electricity or cable: subscribers pay a monthly charge, and are guaranteed a minimum level of computing service from the service provider through an internet connection.

cloud1This computing service can be almost anything, but the most popular choices are cloud backup, email hosting, and cloud applications.  The provider is responsible for administration, maintenance, and tech support, enabling subscribers to vastly reduce their IT operation costs and simplify their workflow and troubleshooting – in short, they can save money and get more work done, and need only a minimal understanding of the inner workings of the software and hardware tools they use to do so.  Cloud computing provides the ability for businesses to access enterprise level software solutions for a predictable monthly cost and decreased setup time. Cloud solutions are internet based and therefor accessible from any computer, smart phone or web enabled device.

>> Benefits of the Cloud

  • Cost:  Cloud based email and productivity applications can offer predictable monthly costs based on usage, much more affordable upfront costs versus traditional on-premise solutions, and help minimize ongoing operation expenses.
  • Implementation Time:  Cloud based solutions can be deployed in a matter of days compared to weeks or months for most on-premise solutions. With no hardware or software procurement the BerkmanTech team can get right to work setting up your cloud based email and backup today.
  • Perfect for small to medium size businesses:  With its ease of use, low cost, and scalability; cloud based solutions are often a great fit for small to medium sized companies while still offering all the benefits of traditional, onsite solutions.
  • Built-in protection:  Cloud based solutions generally have built in backup and recovery options that you never have to worry about or invest in.