THE “CLOUD OFFICE” – Your Private Cloud

BerkmanTech’s Cloud Office solutions will completely change the way you think of your company’s network.  With support for full desktop virtualization, your employees can literally use a “computer within a computer,” accessing programs and a Windows or Mac desktop from their workstations that are actually being stored and run on our hosted servers.  As a result, you can access your “work computer” from any internet-connected machine anywhere in the world, but all data is still securely stored in a centralized location, ensuring 100% reliability of your operations.  Plus, we make sure that you are always using the newest version of the software and take care of all the necessary licensing, so you can focus simply on getting your work done.



Cloud Office Benefits:

      • Unparalleled availability:  Access your desktop from any web-enabled device, even a tablet or smartphone
      • Minimal learning curve:  Your virtual desktop will appear and function exactly as your computer’s own
      • Unmatched security:  With all your files securely stored in our data center, you need not worry about sensitive information on lost or stolen hardware
      • Flexibility:  Choose a full virtual desktop, or individual virtualized programs as needed
      • Zero-headache:  Because your system is hosted by us, we handle all aspects of its operation and maintenance