Prepare for the unexpected

>> Safeguard your business

Whether you’re a developer or a business owner, you need to prepare for the unexpected. BerkmanTech Cloud Backup safeguards your business by protecting the important files critical to its operation. Recover quickly from a lost file or a failed hard drive with the ability to rapidly restore data.

>> Full-Featured BackupCloud Backup

    • Continuous or scheduled
    • Offsite and local destinations
    • Incremental versioning
    • Unlimited versioning
    • File compression and data de-duplication
    • Background validation and verification
    • Multiple file stream / fork support
    • Bandwidth governing
    • Email alerts and reports

>> High Security

    • Complete data control
    • Encrypted before transport
    • 448-bit data encryption
    • 128-bit communication encryption

>> Guaranteed Restore

    • Any date, time or version
    • Direct, LAN or Internet
    • Admin or end user initiated
    • File search
    • Cross-platform

>> Maintenance-Free

    • Automatic upgrades
    • 100% remote administration and updates